A Whole Bunch of Flowers

Friday, 17th March 2006


A Bouquet for the Mums

After listening to me moaning (right) an old internet friend writes:

're a morning wasted
how many hours months years did your mum waste away waiting on you
and (referring to the trip we've got planned for next week) how much fuel will you waste on your warm wild and welly adventure'

He's right to slap my wrist; where indeed would we be without mums? But I'm still determined to get back on track with my Peak District ramblings!


I sit with a coffee and a slice of date & walnut cake, drawing the bunches of flowers in the hospital café. My mum reappears from her appointment just in time - an hour has gone by and I was just about to go out and put another £1 in the ticket machine in the car park.

And by the time I get home - having queued at the roadworks traffic lights for 25 minutes for a distance I could have walked in ten - Bang! there's another morning of my life gone by.

Wish I could settle down to work again! I'm getting DESPERATE to get back to the hills. Like this queue of traffic, my life seems to be one of stopping and starting; not really making progress, not really being at rest and in the place I want to be. A 21st century limbo.

stop sign
It's now over a month since I spent a day drawing in the Peak District. Feels like I've been in this queue forever. Next Page

Nice to know that I'm not alone . . .

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