Sludgy in Places

Thursday, 30th March 2006

canalSludgyA walk into Ossett to sort out a few errands seems like the best way to get over jet-lag. I find it hard to believe that we could sleep for almost 13 hours last night.

It's breezy, spitting with rain but not as cold as it seemed when we stepped off the train from the airport after our week in Texas.

'Good afternoon,' we say to the man on the bench by the towpath.

'It's a bit sludgy in parts,' he warns us.

Daffodils gorseDaffodils
are looking good; they're all garden varieties around here of course. A row of them stand, backs to the drystone wall, on a grassy landscaped area by the brook at the bottom of Healey Road. There's enough watercress in the brook to keep us in watercress soup for months but as it is growing immediately downstream from a herd of cows, I think I'll stick to the shop-bought product. And, come to think of it, how do I know this isn't fool's watercress?

sign The gorse is looking good on Storrs Hill. The road sign before the hairpin bend is intended to give adviceto motorists but the words (right) in flashing lights are good advice to us all.

Daffy's Big Adventure

A single daffodil, one of a clump, pokes its head through a gap in the fence of a tiny garden at the end of a stone-built terrace at Horbury Bridge.

'You could write a children's story about that,' I suggest to Barbara: 'Daffy's Big Adventure.'

'I don't know what kind of adventure a daffodil would have,' said Barbara, ' I expect it would see a lot.'

(To defend Barbara's literary reputation, I better explain that she didn't take me up on the offer to supply the text).


Daffy's Big Adventure

Polly Nation

“It's sooo dull here!” thought Daffy, shrugging discontentedly as she stood in the corner, watching the other daffodils nodding heads together and tossing their leaves around peevishly in what was said to be a sprightly dance.

But there was something in the breeze that afternoon;

“I wonder what's going on out there, over the fence” thought Daffy as she turned her head and peeped through the chink between the palings . . .


Perhaps I could make it a romance and Daffy could get pollinated. Next Page

Richard Bell,