Wednesday, 12th April 2006

the woodThe only painting that I've done today is the undercoat on the kitchen window, so before the light faded, I painted this quick sketch of the wood, using my Pentel waterbrush pen and pocket set of watercolours.

I realise that to avoid the brush syphoning up watercolour in the palette I need to squeeze it gently to equalise the pressure. After I've pressed a little water onto the palette, or into the bristles, I press it again, more gently, on the sides which just enough pressure to let a few bubbles will rise through the clean water inside brush and stop its tendency to suck up the paint.


Down the Plug Hole

I was squatting on the worktop to paint the kitchen window this morning, so when it came to the last bit, the opening part of the window, I put my feet down into the sink. Bad mistake, when I lifted myself up I put my weight on the sink - I'll have to go out and buy another plug hole and its fitting tomorrow morning!!

I like to repair things about the house and garden, as it gives me a feeling that I'm taking control of my life, and, for green reasons, I like to keep things going at long as possible. Unfortunately, our old electric fan-assisted oven was getting beyond repair, with the clock and now the thermostat in need of replacement. It had lasted 20 years but today we've had a new one delivered. Next Page

Richard Bell,