Kitchen Sink

Thursday, 13th April 2006

Jack After a trip to the DIY store to buy a new basin waste set and another to the plumbers' merchants (because what I really should have bought was a sink waste set) my plug hole repair goes well and, at the time of writing, nearly a week later, it's still not dripping water. That's great; another bit of my life which I feel I'm taking control of.

When it comes to electricity and gas though, I'm happy to get the experts in and we've got an electrician booked to fit the new oven tomorrow.

The artists books exhibition at Castleford comes down today and on the way back we're invited to Helen and John's (and literary celebrity cat Jack's) for a meal and a long chat, about, art, life, plug hole repairs and other major issues.

Feels like we're getting back to normal. Next Page

Richard Bell,