Begin the Begonia

Easter Sunday, 16th April 2006


Easter Sunday, and we've got the mums, plus Thelma, a friend, here for a traditional Sunday lunch; a good opportunity to test our new oven. My mum brings this begonia with her. There's no label but it looks like one of the tuberous varieties, grown for flower rather than foliage. Begonias prefer slightly acidic soils.

There isn't room with so many guests around to spread out watercolours and water container, so I paint this with my credit card-sized box of Winsor and Newton watercolours and my Pentel waterbrush, using a piece of kitchen towel to clean the brush and the small palette in the lid of the watercolour box.


Crochet Masterclass

crochetBarbara has been trying to get started with crochet by following instructions from a book but there's nothing quite like seeing how it's done. Thelma is something of an expert; she's created whole outfits in crochet, including one that she wore to her son's wedding. She gives a demonstration on how to get started and how to control the tension so the edges of the swatch don't curl up. Next Page

Richard Bell,