A Faltering Start to Spring

Friday, 7th April 2006

frogpondIt's the first year that we haven't had any frog-spawn in our pond, though next door they've had plenty, rather late, but they've had some.

What was the reason? -

  • Was it too cold? I've heard that it's been our coldest winter for 40 years

  • Does the pond need weeding? Oxygenating pondweeds have been largely obliterated by plants that spread over the water surface

  • Have I trimmed back too much around the pond, not leaving enough cover for frogs making their way there?

speed cameraSpringwatch

SpringwatchBarbara mentions that at the library they've been sent dozens of Springwatch survey postcards but very few people have picked one up to fill in. Who can blame them? - spring seems so long in coming.

Forsythia blossom competes with the speed cameras to produce the most vivid splash of yellow on the road into Wakefield.

blackbird A female blackbird pecks at a daffodil bulb. Presumably there are small invertebrates clinging to it; I don't think that a blackbird would eat the bulb itself.

As I write a few e-mails before turning in this evening, wind and rain are rattling on the studio roof. I'm looking forward to spring and better weather for sketching. Next Page


BBC Springwatch survey

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