Armchair Artists

May Day Holiday, Monday, 1st May 2006

Armchair by Joan Bell


This armchair at my mum's just seemed to be saying 'draw me!'. Those simple, comfortable outlines appealed to me. My mum's drawing, which I've had on my pinboard here in the studio for a while, was made before she bought replacement covers for her three piece suite.

jugmug'Draw Me!'

I drew the coffee mugs too, the buffet in the corner and the rooftop across the road, peeping out from above the hollies of my mum's shrubbery.

I enjoyed drawing these; the ink seemed to flow easily and as a result they look relaxed.

buffetgableWhy can't I do relaxed little drawings like this when I'm in the Peak District? Why does it so often seem like a big deal, a survival course?

'I would have thought that was obvious,' says Barbara, 'Think about it : you were comfortable and relaxed as you drew them. You insist on drawing in the Peak District in damp cold weather. No wonder you can't relax!' Next Page

Richard Bell,