Tuesday, 30th May 2006

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Braeburn apples

I'm experimenting with different styles of lettering for the titles in my book. I've got calligraphy pens but I find that I'd rather draw outlines of letterforms, then fill them in.

I started this morning using a dip pen for the outline then filled in using a brush.

drawing the outlineIt felt a little awkward so for the next I used a fountain pen (this is an Art Pen, my Parker has just run out of ink) for the outline and filled in with a black Tombow brush pen.

filling inThe Tombow is useful because I can fill in the main part of the letter with the brush end of the pen, then finish off the bits I've missed with the fine fibre tip at the other end of the pen. Next Page

Richard Bell,

Hawthorn blossom, Barbara's mum's. That's strange! - a year ago today I drew this same view! (see 'This Day last year' link)

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