No Oil Painting

Sunday, 25th June 2006

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Bowler paintingI was familiar with this image of Peveril Castle long before I visited Cave Dale; my grandfather on my mum's side, Maurice Swift, bought this painting from the Castleton artist Ernest Bowler in the 1920s.

I used to look at the painting and wonder whether the artist had romanticised the location; in fact this is pretty accurate. I used to assume that the picture portrayed a slightly misty late afternoon, perhaps after a day of sultry heat, but if the light is striking that side of the keep of Peveril Castle this must be a morning scene.

I've drawn this for my Peak District sketchbook and I thought I'd include it in my diary today just to let anybody out there know why I've been so remiss at posting pages recently. I've been going out regularly drawing in the Peak District but there's still a lot of work that needs doing on the book back here at home, so I've started putting in some time at weekends.

I'm hoping that I won't have to put in any all-nighters to complete the book as I did last year when I was bringing Rough Patch together. Next Page

Richard Bell,

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