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Friday, 9th June 2006

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The wine buff in Benidormwine bottleIt's sunny again today; so warm that it brings back memories of our holiday in Mallorca just over a year ago. An e-mail arrives this morning referring to a diary page I drew about the dubious delights of Baron Romero (see link below), a Spanish red from the bargain end of the supermarket wine rack.

My correspondent, who describes himself as a 'computer literate tramp', conjures up a picture in my mind of our peripatetic wine buff as he experiences the after-effects of drinking a carton of 39 pence per litre country red wine from a supermarket in Benidorm (warning: don't try this yourself! It's for cooking only! So Rozanne, see below, tells me).

Seventies Stalwart

Blue NunA recent mention of Blue Nun on a programme about the the 1970s made me think that I might like to taste this Liebfraumilch, an icon of the era, again. Our Connoisseur of the Costas (who in real life is ukelele player Pete Starkey, see link below) tells me that the bouquet of Blue Nun takes him: 'well and truly back to an almost forgotten era. The aroma of furniture polish, an argument for old fruit, and a cheeky hint of glue and dolly mixtures . . . my memories came flooding back . . . Flared velvet loons, Wishbone Ash, top floor bed-sits with no furniture . . .'

'Go on…. , treat yerself……..' he urges, 'Go onnn!!. ……………..You know you want to,'

'Peace man.'

I can tell that Pete is of about the same vintage as I am! Maybe it would be fun to try it again, just one more time . . .


Maureen by Rozanne

MaureenMeanwhile, in Spain today, a storm is building, Rozanne, who lives on the Catalan coast, tells me.

She's currently creating a comic strip; Maureen Chlorine; ' Maureen is always waiting for the phone call from any kind of male that would shower her with flowers, take her on picnics, give her books and make her laugh.' says Rozanne.

The strip uses wistful Bridget Jones' Diary storylines but with an underlying element of Catalan coastal magic swishing and heaving away in the background. It reminds me of Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals in the way episodes can turn from everyday sitcom to moments of Mediterranean magic.

from Maureen by RozanneComic Book Creator

Comic Book CreatorLike me, Rozanne favours handwritten captions to the drawings although she's considered using a typeface created from her own handwriting. She records her progress on the strip in her blog (see link below).

'I have never used speech balloons before.' she comments after trying out the programme Comic Book Creator (left), 'I thought they made a strip look too artificial. I like the idea of a page being seen as a big drawing and I like hand lettering because it makes it more intimate. Much nicer to get a handwritten letter than a typed one. But, I could change my mind about this. Certainly lots of things to work out here.' Next Page


Baron Romero

We are pub: hear Pete Starkey and his ukelele band

Maureen Chlorine

Maureen Rozanne's blog of a comic strip in the making

Comic Book Creator

Richard Bell,

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