Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

A Fine Line

Thursday, 25th January, 2007

diaryI’VE MISSED OUT on drawing from life recently so this evening I picked up a pen and drew what was on the sofa beside me: a diary & today’s mail.

This pen, a Q-Connect fineliner 0.4 from the local stationary shop, runs when you add watercolour but I don’t dislike the effect.

I demonstrated the basics of drawing in contë crayon pencil and watercolour to the class at the school this afternoon who were doing artwork from photographs of the scenes we saw on the town trail watercoloursyesterday. There’s such an age range in the class and such a variety of approaches amongst the children, from timid to relaxed and assured, from boldly expressionistic painting to meticulous pencil-work.

No wonder I felt inspired to pick up pen and paints again.