Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

Bird Strike #2

Monday, 8th January, 2007
goldfinchesbird feedersTHIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS; at breakfast-time we have another goldfinch casualty at the patio windows. Two of them are so busy chasing each other that they bang into the window almost simultaneously.

They're so wrapped up in what they're doing that I doubt whether a hawk silhouette on our window would have made any difference at all.

One of them flies straight off, the other plummets to the ground, flutters around on the patio before ending up, head down, on the flower bed. I didn't go for a cardboard box this time, assuming that it had no chance of recovery.

black catHowever when I went out some time later it had gone so whether it had made a miraculous recovery (I hope so) or whether it had been carried off by the black cat that sparrowhawkoccasionally crosses our garden I don't know. I have noticed that the local sparrowhawk sits on the feeder looking intently down into that corner and it sometimes hops down to look under the hedge. Assuming that goldfinches don't just hit the window when we happen to be sitting there eating lunch or breakfast, there might be a regular supply of stunned casualties.


feederWell, it's for there own good; I refill the sunflower feeders and, while I've got them off the shepherd's crook feeding poles, I take the poles further down the flower bed and drive them in the ground at a safe distance from our patio windows.

Hope that results in fewer bird strikes. It's a shame that we don't get such close-ups of the birds but I'd rather they were safe.