The Keighley Train


Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Tuesday, 23rd October, 2007, page 2 of 2


LeedstowerI’M MAKING EFFORTS to bring colour into my work and, so my theory goes, there should be time to do some kind of colour sketch on practically any occasion, even between stations on the Leeds to Keighley line. These views and trees are composites; the tower, blocks of flats and factory chimney (left) were actually kilometres apart as we left the city station and the colours came from other buildings and trees further along the line.

The tower and weather-vane (right) are opposite Dewsbury station car park, sketched as I stood leaning against a traffic bollard, waiting for Barbara to pick me up. No time for colour; this is drawn in Staedtler pigment liner fibre tip and I have enlarged it from the original sketch. It’s the kind of subject that would be fun to draw in a flowing, inky medium, but a quick sketch is better than nothing.