Cat-flap Badgers


Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Thursday, 25th October, 2007


greenfinchgreenfinchIT’S GOOD TO SEE 4 or 5 greenfinches at the sunflower feeders at Armitage's Garden Centre, Shelley. We don’t get them regularly in our garden and nationally there has been concern about a ‘bug’ Trichomonas (a protozoan) which they are susceptible to. Chaffinches have also been affected but goldfinches, perhaps because of their different feeding habits, seem to be doing well.

coal titgoldfinch, willow tieThere are four species of tits coming to the feeders, blue tit, great tit, willow tit (far right) and coal tit (left) with those badger-like stripes on its head.

tits and a greenfinchbadgerBy the way, talking about badgers, one of the members of the West Yorkshire Geology Trust was telling me that she has had trouble with them. She evidently lives in a quiet, well-wooded corner of the county and badgers are regulars in her garden. She has a cat and the badgers learned to get through the cat-flap to raid her kitchen! She has sealed the cat-flap now.