November Leaves


Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Thursday, 1st November, 2007

oak leaveswrenIT'S A MILD START to November. The wren working it's way through the hedge look smaller than the average wren but this might because, as it is warmer, it doesn't need to fluff out it's feathers against the cold.

The autumn colour is good at the moment, turning everyday roadside trees into artfully Wakefield Town Hallarranged colour harmonies. Our beech hedge is showing every shade between yellow-green and tan. Leaves had swirled into the corner of our driveway but by this evenign, they've swirled away again and fortunately they haven't disappeared down the drain, as I improvised a cover for it a couple of years ago.

But a few have blown under the garage door, so I picked up a rowan leaf, a couple of oak leaves and a curled up cherry leaf to draw.