Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

Within These Walls

patio windowsTuesday, 27th February, 2007
WE'RE TAKING ADVANTAGE of a grant that's available to have our cavity walls insulated. The house was built in 1936, so it's about time we had it done. The job involves drilling holes from the outside then pumping in a silicon starlingspray and loosely packed mineral insulation.

As well as saving on our heating bills this will help prevent birds getting trapped in the cavity wall. Our (joined on) neighbours are having their side of the semi-detached done too. On two occasions recently they've heard the fluttering of a starling trapped at the front upstairs of the house then later they've heard it under the kitchen floor. As they're doing some work in the kitchen at the moment they were able to take up one of the floorboards and the bird found it's way up and out of the back door.