Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

People in Glasshouses*

cloudsSunday, 18th March, 2007
sketchbookIT’S TOO COLD & WINDY to sit and draw outside, so I’ve come down to the greenhouse. There’s a clear blue sky above me while to the north, cumulus clouds are being blown along from the north-west at such a speed that each cloud tends to topple forward, dragging a short tail behind it.


The greenhouse acts as a hide – a blackbird scuttles along the path alongside just 3 or 4 feet from me.

crowA horse whinnies, a crow caws, sparrows chirrup in raucous argument.


Wood Pigeon

great tit
Great Tit

A sparrowhawk soars overhead dipping down towards the wood. A blackbird splutters in alarm. Wood pigeons seem to have paired and to be driving away their rivals.

A great tit makes its way along the hawthorn hedge.

*The old phrase is 'People who live in glass houses should not throw stones’.