Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

Daffodils, Daisies & Dabblers

Wednesday, 28th March, 2007
daffodilpondIT’S THAT TIME of year when, despite all the structural work we do in the garden during the winter, we soon find we’re slipping behind with sowing and weeding. So why am I sitting by the pond drawing? I realised that my back would have suffered if I’d gone on and done all I had in mind in one session.

The pair of mallards have left the pond in a bit of a state. All that dabbling they’ve done has left the water looking reddish with bits of debris floating around in it and no signs of pond life, apart from a solitary pond skater.

daisyA sign of spring; there are more and more daisies coming up on the grass verges. This one, at Horbury Bridge, had pink outer rays instead of the usual white ones.