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Ikea Folk

Ikea personIkea personThursday, 29th March, 2007
WHEN I ADDED the watercolour to these sketches of people in the Ikea coffee shop, I found a little of the ink ran from the nose/mouth into the pale ochre/crimson wash, turning the faces grey.

As I’ve explained before, this ink, Noodler’s should be permanent when dry, since it reacts with the cellulose in paper. So what’s the problem here:

  1. It wasn’t dry?

  2. The ink was contaminated?

  3. There’s a coating preventing the ink from reacting with the cellulose?


Ikea personThe drying time doesn’t seem likely; in my experiment even after one minute there’s no trace of feathering where I added the watercolour. When I added a wash to the next square, after 5 minutes, the feathering from the 5 is obvious.

The 20 minute square is crisp but the 25 minute one seems to have run a little.

Raisin d’être

My theory is that I’ve put some smears of grease on the page as I’ve been drawing, either from my sweaty hands or from the pain au raisin that I was eating in the coffee shop.

As some squares are perfect, I don’t think that it can be contaminated ink.

I need to do a more careful trial – on clean paper.