Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

Closing Coltsfoot

Sunday, 1st April, 2007
coltsfootcoltsfoot The coltsfoot is closing by the time I get around to drawing this afternoon. There’s a cool breeze from the north-west.

The magpie (below, left) doesn’t look quite right when I first draw it: surprising how I don’t register the plumage of even a familiar bird. It is black and white, or rather dark bluey-green and white, but it is pied on the wing, not all black as in my first sketch. That makes such a difference to the pattern of plumage.

magpiemagpieThere’s a see-saw song of a great tit in the wood, melodious blackbirds are singing in the gardens.mistle thrush

A mistle thrush flies over the meadow calling its dry rattly chirring call.

Today’s Noodler’s Ink problem: the ink running into the yellow on the coltsfoot flower (top left, right-hand flower).