Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

Logical Paths

Monday, 2nd April, 2007
veg bedsAS MY SKETCH-PLAN shows, the new layout of our vegetable beds is two L-shapes and an interlocking Zee, in place of the four 10ft x 4ft beds we had before. As I was laboriously digging the compacted soil of what had previously been a path at the end of the first bed I realised that simultaneously, a few yards away, I was burying a strip of vegetable bed soil which I’ve been cultivating for 20 years.

path and bedI’ve now started digging out the cultivated soil from the new path and refilling the hole with the most compacted soil from the revamped veg beds. As I fill in the holes in the path (black in the diagram) I keep walking around over it, stomping along on my heels, to compact it before putting weed suppression fabric and a layer of wood-chip over it.