Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

Re: Mapping

Saturday, 14th April, 2007
mapmapAT LAST I’ve finished re-drawing all six maps for Walks around Newmillerdam. It’s a weekend, the weather is perfect but it had got to the stage where I had to plug away and get my booklet finished.

My arm is aching but all that re-drawing has been worthwhile. The new maps are clearer and the style seems to fit the publication.

A Break with the Butties


At least I get coffee breaks and lunch breaks sitting out at the table on the patio. Peacock, comma, orange-tip and small tortoiseshell are on the wing.

wrenA wren was tripping back and forth gathering beakfuls of moss from the edge of the pond and apparently building a nest at least two gardens away. Occasionally he’d stop to sing.

For breakfast, Scotch pancakes and dry-cured smoked bacon went well with a generous drizzle of No.1 medium maple syrup, one of several grades that Richard and Mary Bell brought for us from Canada.