Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary


Monday, 23rd April, 2007
daisydog daisiesAFTER THE LONG WEEKEND, it’s good to have time to get into the garden again. A shame we couldn’t have done all this before our visitors arrived but I guess that they think we prefer it wild look.

Spring; and while some of our friends are itching to get zapping with weed-gun, Barbara and I are delighted to see daisies appearing all over the front lawn.

‘It won’t look so good when the flowers are over!’ our friend warns us.

When we first moved down here we hand in drifts of daisies and to enjoy them in the spring and summer, I’m quite happy to put up with patches of spoon-shaped leaves during the rest of the year.

That’s on the front lawn - which we reseeded two years ago. On the back lawn, which has never been reseeded, its dog daisies that are forming clumps. Unfortunately we need the open space so we're going to have to keep on mowing.