Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

Ant Alert

Friday, 27th April, 2007
antantANTS ARE GATHERING around a blue-bottle that has expired on our lounge windowsill. Meanwhile more ants seem to be appearing, scouting along the crack between window and sill. Where are they coming from? Is it the hole where the television aerial comes in? I go outside but I can’t see any ant activity.

I go into the garage and grab a tube of flexible frame sealant (which I’ve had in for months, I’ve forgotten just what I intended to do with it now) and the gun/dispenser it slots into and within minutes we’ve filled the crack.

Barbara mops up the dozen or more of the small, reddish brown ants, probably twenty of them. I’m not as hard-hearted; I would have gathered them in a bug-box and released them outdoors!

We’ve never noticed them in the house before. What has attracted them now? Is the feathery mineral wool insulation we recently had injected into our cavity walls an ideal habitat for them?

cherries Cherry Blossom Time

We’re in Wakefield this afternoon to deliver the new booklet. Walking back along George Street we go under a stand of flowering cherries. The lawn and pavement beneath them is completely covered with fallen pink blossom but there’s still plenty of colour on the trees.