Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

Blue Skies and Blossom

blossom and pigeon
Wood Pigeon and crab apple blossom

collared dove
Saturday, 28th April, 2007

COLLARED DOVES mate briefly with a good deal of fluttering on a precarious perch at the top of a Leyland cypress.

We're in my mum's leafy back garden and it's a sunny late afternoon so I go for the strongest blue in my box (right, left-hand bird), but it's the other blue, when I try it on the next sketch, that is nearest to the blue of the sky.

If you're a regular reader you'll know that these are Noodlers ink and watercolour sketches. There would have been more sketches but my fountain pen ran out of ink! If I was still using cartridges in my ArtPen, I would have had a spare in the long barrel but the filler that I use takes up the whole space in there.

But it's not like me to have come without a second pen.

collared doves
Collard Dove on different blues