London Plane


Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Tuesday 28th, August, 2007

roofplaneTHE LONDON PLANE tree (right) is well suited to city life; it seems to thrive even when it grows up directly from a pavement. The way it sheds its bark in patches helps it slough off the grime of urban life, allowing it to 'breathe' through the new, cleaner bark beneath. It has spiky-looking fruits about an inch in diameter that hang from slender threads and remind me of the weapons that medieval knights whirled around their heads and whacked their opponents with. As the fruits are packed with feathery seeds you're unlikely to experience any injury if one should drop from the tree.

This one was growing in front of JJB Sports Dewsbury and I had time to draw it while Barbara popped inside to buy a pair of trainers. trilobiteThe roof of a stone-built Victorian villa in South Ossett was sketched while I waited for her to buy our fish & chips for lunch at the Barracuda.

The trilobite head (left), was a fossil that I started to draw at the West Yorkshire Geology Trust launch on Saturday but I didn't have time to finish it as we had so many people to talk to that day.