Aerial Predators


Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Wednesday, 5th September, 2007


WE HAVE our best ever display of pipistrelle acrobatics over the patio as we sit watching through the windows while having our dinner at dusk. Whether it was one bat going around in a circle or ten taking it in turns, we can't be certain.

squirrelThe grey squirrel continues to bury his nuts, with meticulous discretion in various corners of our garden. He (or she) climbs on an old garden chair and pops through a hole in the trellis to raid next door's bird table. We have yet to start feeding.

dragonflyAt least two species of dragonfly hawk over the garden and house martins continue to circle around. When I was painting the cabbage yesterday, I saw the remains of a hoverfly snipped in half, no doubt the victim of one of these aerial predators. It's a tough life for insects in our garden, whether they come out at night or during the martin