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Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Friday, 20th February 2009

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THIS GREEN enamelled mincer was one that appeared mysteriously in the flat I shared when I first started making a living as an illustrator - so Jill, Maureen or Steve, if you’re wondering where your mincer has been hiding for the last 30 years, here it is.


This has no maker’s name but I remember my dad using a Spong mincer - a metallic one, not as attractive as this - to turn the remains of the Sunday joint - possibly adding onions to the mix - into mince for a shepherds pie (or cottage pie) for a weekday meal. It was a family activity; Bill, Linda and I would take turns to wind the handle.


The View from the Potting Shed blog features this advertisement from 1972:

Now he’ll love you for your cooking too

He’ll really appreciate you when you become not only his wife, but a good cook too!

Easy to use — and very efficient in all it does — a SPONG mincer is as pretty as it is versatile.

Yes, but not as pretty as this green version. The last time ours was used was when our neighbour Jim had shot a roe deer. He used it to make ‘bambi-burgers’ from the offcuts of venison.