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Bus route & branches

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Monday, 23rd February 2009

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They seem to be coming to the end of the revamp of the Bull Ring, Wakefield, laying square stone sets (cobbles) across the square. This man was using something that looked like a one-legged milking stool - presumably to tamp down the sets.

trees drawn from the bus

BUS TRAVEL - especially from the front seats on the top deck  - gives a different  perspective on our journey to Leeds. You can see into backyards and over to the countryside that lies not far beyond the urban ribbon through Outwood and Lofthouse. While the bus is in motion I feel that my pen is like a seismograph on the page (above, colour added later) so it’s good to have the chance to do a steadier drawing while we wait for our car at the garage.

trees in Hunslet