In like a Lamb

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary,  Sunday,  1st March 2009

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MARCH TRADITIONALLY ‘comes in like a lion, out like a lamb’ but today it’s come in like a lamb - it’s sunny and, in our back garden at least, mild when you’re out of the breeze. The surprise cow that came knocking on our door wasn’t part of a spring ritual - just next door’s child and her 18 month old brother (who I’ve drawn looking some years older) calling on us with their parents.

Barbara clears the bed in the greenhouse and, as the winter cabbage I brought indoors is now beginning to wilt, I planted it out (on the left) and also rescued plants of mizuna, corn salad and winter spinach that have somehow survived, neglected, in pots on the bench in the greenhouse. We won’t need the space for tomato plants until May, by which time we’ll have had a crop from these.


It’s good to be getting things growing again.