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Fruit Bowl

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary,  Thursday,  5th  March 2009

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fruit bowl

HERE I’M experimenting with the brown ink in my ArtPen. How does it behave when I add watercolour. This is non-waterproof ArtPen ink so it runs a bit, but I’m happy with the effect.


Except, perhaps the  effect it has on the yellow of the banana, partly hidden behind the Braeburn apples on the right.

clockwork train
Linda and Bill

A Box in the Attic

While I was up in the attic finding the box for my old scanner I looked out a stack of old 120 negatives from the 1950s and tried them in my new CanoScan 8800F. Even though these negatives are about the size of credit card, I can’t make out much of the image as I put it in the film holder so it’s quite magical to see the positive image conjured up on screen at a larger size than it’s ever been seen at before. Here are my sister and little brother (top right), my dad looking younger than I ever remember him (left) and that’s me at our friends the Morris’s in Belle Vue, Wakefield, playing with David’s clockwork trains.


Douglas Bell

I’ve cropped all of these photographs from the original negatives. There’s a wealth of detail in them, for instance in this train set. It brings back the satisfyingly clunky feel of the loco and I find myself remembering that David kept them in a battered old suitcase.


My dad also had an old battered light tan leather suitcase which I’m sure he once told me was from wartime Eygpt. It had once been full of hashish which was burnt and the suitcase confiscated.


You can see that my dad would have perfect for his post, in the latter years of the war, as a military policeman in Cairo. But here he’s on summer holiday at Filey. But still with immaculately polished shoes, of course.