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Day Rover

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary,  Friday,  17th April 2009

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bus passengers
Leeds to Skipton sketches
trees from the train
Christmas Cottage

Return bus: colour added later.

JUMPING ON the wrong train two weeks ago, we enjoyed our unexpected Bolton Abbey trip so much that today we’re off again to walk the same route. Today we knowingly board the Morecambe train and we’re interested to hear that since Christmas this route terminates at Heysham Port so this would be an easy way of getting to the Isle of Man via the Steam Packet Company ferry.


That would make an appealing trip as I’d be able to draw rather than drive on the journey.

Palm Court
roof in Ilkley
Cow and Calf

The Palm Court, established 1880, in the Victorian Arcade, Ilkley.

Ilkley roof top, drawn from the train home.

Cow and Calf rocks, Ilkley Moor.

Christmas Cottage, Main Street, Addingham, drawn at 2.15 pm as we stopped for a pot of tea at the Fleece. As I was working quickly I decided to put in the main shapes - the facade and window openings -  first, rather than construct the drawing detail by detail as I normally do. I ended up with an unusually wobbly drawing!