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West Yorkshire Mystery Tour

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary,  Sunday, 26th  April 2009

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train buffet
woman on the train
birch drawn from the train
West Yorkshire railways

Leeds, 6.10 p.m., Friday

THE BOARD said the train was going to Wakefield Westgate, on the front of the train it said Wakefield Westgate, but, being somewhat wary by now about trains, I asked the man on the seat opposite and he confirmed, yes, it was going to Wakefield Westgate.


It did indeed go to Wakefield Westgate; but via Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Mirfield and Wakefield Kirkgate. A 44 mile detour for what - on a direct train - is a 10 mile journey. So, although we were expecting a 15 minute journey, we were touring West Yorkshire for 2 hours.


It’s a great opportunity to take in the scenery - unless, like we were on Friday evening, you’re hoping to be back home in time for Gardeners World!

Tulip drawn at the Stirrup restaurant, Howarth, on Friday - we can recommend the rosti with ham and cheese! (finished off with a blowtorch by the chef).