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The Fox & the Snowman

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary,  Monday, 27th April 2009

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A FRIEND tells us a tale of a fox she saw in the snow back in January. It was during the night but the snow made the scene as clear as day. Someone had built a snowman on the playing fields opposite her house in Wakefield. The fox (one of a group of three, I think she said) ran up to the snowman and jumped on it, then ran back a few paces and looked back, as if waiting to see if there was any reaction. It ran at it again a couple of times, eventually knocking the head off the snowman.

Magazine Rack

Glossy magazines are fresh each month while at the same time being reassuringly familiar in content and outlook. I drew these in the hairdressers this morning and the facade (right), once a newsagents, now a mobile phone shop, as I waited for Barbara and her mum in Ossett marketplace.

magazine rack
shop front
KitKat mug
fox v. snowman
fox and snowman