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Chat Room

Richard Bell’s Wild West nature diary, Saturday,  30th  May 2009

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Peter and Elizabeth
Betty and Joanne

THE WEB . . . TEXTING . . . How did we ever manage before they came along? Probably we got together with friends and family more often, as we have this afternoon at Barbara’s mum’s birthday tea. It will be a while before we all meet up again but until then at least I can keep up with almost everyone’s movements on Facebook.


I’ve eased off drawing people for a while, partly because, with the power of Google to search out far flung information I was wary about telling stories about family and friends in my diary but as so many of them keep a Facebook page, they’re evidently comfortable with a web presence already.


I’d like to do a lot more drawings of people. I think doing historical comic strips for my last book has set me off wanting to get back to drawing characters and incorporating them into scenes; for instance when I was drawing from the café in Ossett the other day, I realised that there was no point in drawing a bustling market and missing out the people!