On the Road Again #2

Richard Bell’s nature diary,  Monday,  30th June 2009

Kings Arms

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Lancaster station
Trees by the Little Chef near York

I DREW this while at Horbury Street Fair, where I was signing copies of my local booklets on the Rickaro Bookshop stall. This was as far as I got with my drawing of the stalls opposite because it soon started to get busy and I had plenty of people to talk to. That’s The Kings Arms in the background, one of Horbury’s old pubs but the new roof, new windows and inviting pub trimmings such as awnings and café tables disguise its four-square Georgian character.

Barbara and I are doing a bit of healthy eating - well we are when we’re not away in Cumbria or - as we were this week - Whitby, tempted by full English breakfasts and fish and chips. I’m not overweight but my weight distribution could be improved as I’ve got a bit of a donut of surplus fat around my waist in contrast to shoulders and upper arms which aren’t as muscular as they could be.


At least the healthy eating seems to be working and I’ve lost about 3 lbs over several weeks. Apparently the first place you lose weight is from the hidden fat around your waist. All I need to do now is to build up my biceps a bit . . .

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