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Farm Festival

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary,  Sunday,  5th July 2009

tree top
view towards Emley Moor television mast
owl chick
lugger falcon
Richard by Cameron

WE’RE AT Farmer Copley’s Farmshop for a summer festival with tastings of local produce including liquorice bread; the taste of which creeps up on you unexpectedly . We’re here to promote my rhubarb book but there’s time for me to draw birds of prey and to do a bit of drawing with younger visitors - I particularly liked Cameron’s portrait of me (below).

Link: Farmer Copley’s


African Spotted Owl

Lugger Falcon (he hates the owl chick!)

Barn Owl, she’s sitting on eggs now so she will fly only to women - apparently she attacked one of the male falconers.

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