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On the Threshold

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary,  Wednesday,  8th July 2009

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leaves from the doormat

ON A VISIT to the Manx Folk Museum last year we learnt that crofter’s cottages were built with a front and a back door so that a draught could be created allowing the women to thresh their grain indoors. Nothing went to waste in the cottage economy so the chaff was prevented from being whisked away by the breeze by a piece of timber fixed at floor level across each entrance: the threshold.


These leaves (left) had been trapped by at the threshold of our front door in the reverse direction; I picked them up from the outside doormat.


We’re on the threshold of a project that could involve us in a lot of travelling. After several short trips to test the idea and a lot of research into the practicalities our plans are falling into place.


We’re getting excited by the prospect of setting off on our travels.