The Strands

Wild West Yorkshire, Monday 11 October 2010

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The Strands
The Strands

partridgeselderA COVEY of grey partridges has just flown up from the Strands, which is a marshy field between the River Calder and the Calder & Hebble Navigation. The partridges, about ten of them - have settled in the winter wheat below Strands Farm.

A yellow crusty lichen - Lecanora or Xanthoria, I guess - grows on a stub of an elder by the towpath (right).


herons111010.pdfThree herons stand close together at the edge of the small flash on the Wyke (another marshy field). A cormorant flies over. A crow (or jackdaw?) skirmishes with one of the gulls. Canada geese add a stately parkland element to a scene of wild marsh and rough pasture, grazed by bullocks.

Hand-written Sketchbook Page

You can view my original sketchbook page (right), drawn and written entirely on location by downloading this PDF file 111010.pdf (450 KB)

I like to combine hand-written text with my drawings and the process of designing a web-page makes it difficult to keep the two together. Most of my sketchbook pages don't include so much text but it was a format I enjoyed using in my wildlife sketchbooks when I was a student and I feel I'd like to try it again now.

Richard Bell, illustrator

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