trees and magpiebrichFirst Snow

Wild West Yorkshire, Sunday 28 November 2010

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DESPITE THE SUN, it doesn't get much above freezing all day. We woke up to the first snow - just an inch or so of it - yesterday morning. We've only just started feeding the birds again but this morning sparrows were visiting the sunflower seed feeders along with blue, coal and great tits.

Pinderfields, looking N.E. from Ward 5, 3.15 p.m.

sycamore, PinderfieldsA robin pecked at the the fatballs, then broke off to chase a rival out of the garden.

I'm aware that encouraging the birds to congregate by the hedge makes them an easy target for the sparrowhawk. A large brown sparrowhawk swooped across the hedge earlier this week then flew back into next doors garden before heading off into the wood to perch in an ash tree.

collared dove4.47 p.m. Pinderfields; A collared dove makes for the shelter of a holly tree as the sun sets and flakes of snow begin to fall.

Richard Bell, illustrator

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