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Wild West Yorkshire, Monday 29 November 2010

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WE'RE CONTINUING to make preparations for Barbara's mum to come out of hospital but that doesn't stop me making quick sketches of trees, from Morrison's cafe as we stop for lunch (right) on our way to the hospital and the view through the long narrow window of ward 5.

To tell you the truth, I would find it difficult to work outdoors, even if I did get the chance. We're having record low temperatures. The Yorkshire Post reported that Topcliffe in North Yorkshire was the coldest place in England on Saturday night with a temperature of minus 13.5C (7.7° Fahrenheit).

Lister Park in Bradford has recorded its lowest November night temperature - minus 7.5C - since records began there in 1908.

Linton on Ouse has also recorded its lowest night temperature for November - 11.2C - but it also recorded its highest daytime temperature for the month; 17.6C on the 4th. Yesterday morning they recorded their deepest November snow; 6 inches (15cm) of it.

The wintry weather prompted us to switch from the evening to afternoon visiting hours . . . but that has the additional advantage that I can draw the view through the window.

Link; Paul Hudson's BBC North weather blog

Richard Bell, illustrator


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