Bradford Return

Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire Nature Diary, Saturday, 10th July 2010

I HAVE TIME to draw the view towards Grange Moor from Dewsbury before the train arrives, then I draw trees, clouds and birds from the train on the outward journey, adding the watercolour on the return.

It's not so long ago that I made this same round trip to Bradford via Leeds to talk to Daragh Corcoran at Radio Leeds about my Robin Hood walks booklet; this morning I'm talking to him about my latest booklet, All Sorts of Walks in Liquorice Country, which I'm launching tomorrow at the Liquorice Festival in Pontefract.

cloudsfieldsThe swifts circling over Bramley are a welcome reminder that although I've been so immersed in my work, I haven't entirely missed the summer season for sketching.

I've enjoyed exploring the eastern end of the county for the booklet and I've enjoyed the historical research, drawing and map-making that the booklet has involved but it's a great relief to have time for mundane tasks again such as painting the house, cutting the hedge and, best of all, using my sketchbook again as I travel around the county.