The Runtlings

Monday 2nd October 2000, 1/2, West Yorkshire
lapwings THE ANGLO SAXON name Runtlings means 'stubble meadow' and today that's a fair description of this area south of Ossett, overlooking the Calder Valley. From the footpaths that cross these hedgeless fields there's a view up the valley to the Pennine moors, wreathed in low, ragged cloud.

A large flock that rises over the ploughland splits into three sections; white, black and pied - gulls, crows and lapwings. Each goes its separate way.

rooks and gullsAn old railway track, part of a line that ran from Wakefield to Dewsbury, is now a walkway. Alongside what was the junction to a colliery branch line rosettes of leaves of Horseradish grow. Small grey snails, each the size of child's sweet, sit on some of the page

small snail on horseraddish

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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