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Monday 22nd November 1999, 1/3

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Southern Washlandsbrown rat AS WE START our walk by Stanley Ferry Marina, near Wakefield, we spot a Brown Rat crouching out in the open by one of the buildings. Fluffed up as it is, you'd almost think it was a children's pet.

kingfisher We follow the canal upstream to Southern Washlands, a wetland nature reserve created on land that was once mainly derelict. As we approach the fishing lake we get the classic, if cliched, view of a Kingfisher, perching on an old fishing club sign.

tufted duckcormorant There are only a few duck on the lake but there is a flock of about 20 Tufted Duck on the river nearby. A Cormorant flies overhead.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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