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Holly Blue

Thursday 2nd September 1999

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Common Hawker femaleholly blue WITH TEMPERATURES as high as 28 centigrade, that's into the 80s Fahrenheit, it doesn't seem like September. A greenish-yellow patterned dragonfly, which we identify as a female Common Hawker, Aeshna juncea, circles over the pond and around our ankles.

holly blue On the herb bed, a Holly Blue visits one of the last flowers remaining on the Marjoram.

Common Ink Cap In the wood though, there are signs of autumn. An Ink Cap grows by an old log. This is probably Common Ink Cap, Coprinus atramentarius, from which Antabuse, a drug used for treating alcoholics, is derived. Of more use to me is the fact that it can used to produce ink.

Russula? On the dry bank by the top path a grey, white-gilled fungus, probably a Russula, grows amongst the glossy Wavy Hair Grass.

fungus on grass verge I keep taking a glance at the colony of pale fawn white-gilled mushrooms on the grass at the edge of the lane, they start off tinged chestnut brown but fade to a paler shade.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

E-mail; 'richard@daelnet.co.uk'

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