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Birds from a Window

Friday, 12th January 2001, West Yorkshire

pheasant A COCK PHEASANT, the variety with the white ring around the neck, stands in the meadow. A Greenfinch perches in the top of next door's weeping willow. Busy in the studio, I get only a brief chance for a glance at our local bird life today.

white-tail Amongst the birds in our garden there are three Blackbirds; a female and two males. We don't see our regular 'White-tail', but Barbara say's she's spotted him this month. I haven't seen him since December. He reared a brood in our back garden hawthorn hedge in the spring of 1999. He must be getting on for three years old at least by now. He still appears to be well up the pecking order amongst the blackbirds and he often has a female accompanying him.

JupiterSaturn This evening the moon has started to wane. Jupiter and Saturn, which are close to the Pleiades, appear through a gap in the clouds. next page

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