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snow on the meadow

Thornhill Edge

17th January 2001, West Yorkshire
THE GROUND has been wet for months but thanks to the hard frost it's easy to walk the footpath across the ploughed field. By the stream there's a rectangular pool, iced over at the moment, which lies in a stone enclosure. At the one end there's an arch over what I assume was its feeder channel.

Perhaps it was associated with the colliery that once stood here. When, as boys, my friends and I first walked to this little valley we discovered a derelict water-filled pit shaft surrounded by a fence. We threw a stone in and timed how long it took to reach the water. I seem to remember that it took, by our counting, at least two seconds, which would have made it a hundred feet deep!

From down here by the brook, Thornhill Edge is a prominent feature. A sketch map by Barbara Nuttall of medieval Thornhill shows Deadman's Lane climbing the fault scarp of the Edge. next page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
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