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long-tailed tit

Chasing Tails

Thursday, 25th January 2001, West Yorkshire

dunnock ON DEADMAN'S LANE two rival Dunnocks sing from bushes alongside the track. It's a bright trilling song, to my ears a little like a musical version of a softly ringing telephone.

long-tailed tit There's an amazing chasing display flight by two Long-tailed Tits through the bare branches of a Hawthorn. It's as if the bush isn't there, they dip and dive through its intricate structure, swirling with the sureness of a bat in flight. One follows the other at little more than a bird's length.

blackbird There's a smell of Fox at a junction of paths halfway up the lane. A smell which reminds me of the zoo.

blackbird In the park two male Blackbirds are fighting over what looks like the perfect nest site; luxuriant tresses of Ivy which overhang a stone embankment wall. They attempt to jump on top of each other and when one hops behind the ivy the other follows it in. next page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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