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toadstools on lawn

The Conference Season

Saturday, 6th October 2001, West Yorkshire

Conference pearpear halfCONFERENCE pears are a popular choice for local gardens, not so much for their flavour, which is passable, but because this variety can cope with our cooler weather. This one, which wasn't quite ripe anyway, had hard flesh, too hard for me to enjoy eating.


The toadstools I've sketched on the title bar are also from a garden, they're growing in a group on a lawn. They're Fairy-ring Champignons, Marasmius oreades. It's a fungus whose presence in the ground is obvious, even when its mushrooms aren't showing, because of the rings of darker and sparser grass that appear on lawns, playing fields and pastures. The caps of the toadstools have a darker centre. next page

Richard Bell
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