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Friday, 23rd November 2001, West Yorkshire

squirrelTHERE'S ICE on the pond this morning. The frost brings some of our less common birds into the garden. A Great Spotted Woodpecker touches down briefly on the post of the bird table. A single Starling pecks at the peanuts. A Jay perches in next door's weeping willow.

But the regulars are still with us. The Grey Squirrel is still determined to get at the fat ball. It hasn't been able to bite through the wire tie, so it pulls it up onto the bird table and eats it there. We chase it off, but of course it returns later.

blue tit and great tit In the meantime a Blue Tit and a Great Tit together peck at the fat ball.

It's a long time since I did any animation. These two two-image animated GIFs will hopefully get me back into animation mode! next page

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